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Grammar classes for the ongoing 8th and 9th STD Students.



Classes started from 13-04-2018 (Friday).



Classes start from 20-04-2018 (Friday) 6.30PM.



Classes start from 20-04-2018 (Friday) 6.30PM.

About us

I am pleased to introduce to You “OM VIGNESH TUITION CENTRE” and welcome you to one of the most prestigious institutes in North chennai. I hope that you will equally contribute in our efforts to make you world class leaders who will not only make a difference to the organization that will recruit them but will fulfill all their duties towards corporate social responsibility.

Featured Classes

8th STD, 9th STD and 10th STD

For Samacheer Students (only English medium) all subjects will be undertaken. For C.B.S.E Students only Maths and Science will be undertaken.

11th STD and 12th STD

For Samacheer Students (only English medium) Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Commerce, Accountancy, Business maths and Economics will be undertaken. For C.B.S.E Students Maths , Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Accountancy will be undertaken.


Our faculty members are looking forward to imparting quality education and helping you to understand fundamental concepts in a wide host of subjects such as mathematics, science, social sciences, accountancy, economics, commerce and languages.We also value discipline in our pupils. We pride ourselves on creating future leaders and thinkers who have creativity and values. We are always open to suggestions regarding the mode of classes/lectures and we welcome our students to provide feedback about the quality of the teaching or any other concerns they may have.


What Our Students say

This is the best tuition ..I have ever seen. The tuition is concerned with valuable coaching and teaching...this tuition name is om vignesh tuition centre but I will say that this tuition is "hardworking teaching centre" this sentence are not words this is an epic....


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